Cosmic Dance of Shiva

Sylvia Cavanaugh

Smart phone, notebook, laptop
settle us into our seats

forget about the red shift
astronomers and poets captivated
by a universe flung wide

instead we lie bound
by the spectroscopic
blue spell
noose of fiber optic cable
ubiquitous charging cord

we listen
to the whispered vespers
of pseudo-scientists
filaments of symbols and syllables
as if Kinf David’s seal
cerebral traces track dopamine stain

Wake up!!
to enlighten ourselves from within
call forth the destroyer
a spiraled revolution
of glittering galactic arms

forge male to female
distinct yet singular

ahh, to splinter the flat, flat screen
from whose loins spring
the cold pixelated fire
we’ll saturate our skin in the flicker
of  its dying cerulean light

lets pop an electric boogaloo
and roar
wrest the sly demon
from our lives
hurl him to a floor littered
with fallen empty coffee cups
and whirl
to a deadly percussion
of feet

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