An Ode to My Body

Judith Dreyer

Blessed body, beloved home
A dwelling of complex communities
Integrated beyond measure
Exist side by side
In harmony.

Rivers of fluids flow,
Tiny streams of immense motion
And energy
Pulse, dance, hum and move to the beat
Of the profound symphony, tilted,

Air rushes in, sweet and filtered, warmed in perfect fashion.
Water bathes my cells like an ocean;
Creates a fire,
An incomprehensible combustion of such importance
That I fail to notice.

Earthen structures, bones and sinew,
Push and pull so harmoniously
I scarcely give thought to how I got
From here to there.
Organs, distinct, never confuse
One function from another
Seamless, practical,
Mystical and divine,
Simply “are.”

You are an exquisite composition
Of over one trillion cells
As if the stars above are really within.
You create the home I inhabit.
You are a mystery,
An archetypal design
That seeks perfection
Breath by precious breath.

To my Beloved, my Body
I am in awe of you.


  1. Lovely tribute and great reminder on this special day. Lovely, Judith.

  2. Walt Whitman, step aside. It is time for women to sing the praises of ourselves and our bodies.

  3. A beautiful poem inspiring awe for the brilliance and strength of a woman's body. Love it and wish all women could feel the power of holding such high reverence!

  4. Love your imagery
    Powerful and sensual
    Tightly written

    1. thanks Marianne for your comments. They are appreciated.