Culinary Conquest

Linda Gamble

For days he’s planned the menu, visualizing each course, anticipating every taste, dreaming of her response. Now the chef carefully arranges the platter: tangy artichokes, the spice of salami, a complement  to her sweet figs, the bite of  pecorino, a buttery bel paese.  Placing the olives, he fantasizes sucking their salty brine from her fingers.

                                    he breathes her in
                                    as he whispers

The linguini, delightfully al dente , nestles in a rich blush sauce, twirls on her fork, rises  to her mouth. A wayward strip clings to her chin. He almost gasps as she sucks it through pursed lips.

                                    arms entwined
                                    mouth to her breast
                                    he murmurs primo

Succulent roast lamb, perfumed with rosemary, juices seared inside, rests on his carving board, waiting for his blade to enter its flesh, silky and pink.

                                    savor the feast                                
                                    eyes fingers tongue   hips
                                    invite  secondo

Each dip of the spoon an indulgence that cries for more. Tiramisu, creamy with mascarpone, fills her with its sweetness.
                                    their bodies blend
                                    in pulsing rhythm
                                    ignite dolce

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  1. This is wonderful, he rather than she is setting up the feast...the conquest is delicious.