2:03 AM

Emily Strauss

and what if we could add
a mere two minutes back
again, a tiny hiccup
no one would notice
except me in the silent
dark awakened suddenly

glancing at the clock—
what harm could it cause
to ratchet the night back
two ticks, close my eyes
open my eyes and nothing
would change but the tiny

gears, the clock's teeth
of rosewood or ivory
interlocked like Venus
and the moon one cold
December dawn on the sea.
I lie back waiting to live

my dream again, the end
part where he looked hard
at me and I repeated
“really?” and he nodded
imperceptibly, ready for
my taste, but I already

knew that would never
happen even with two more
minutes, even with the clock
frozen in mid-stroke—
I quaked at the thought
and his pale blue eyes.

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